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There are Some best spots of Labuan Bajo City

Labuan Bajo is indicated to be the second Bali. Bajo will also be a rival of Bali in the future.

Labuan Bajo's name itself shows the berthing place of people from various nations. The city is located in the western part of this flower island has indeed become a destination of  tourists.

There are some best spots of Labuan Bajo City

1. Port View from Puncak Waringin
Scenes taken from Puncak Waringin / Sumber Google

By being at the top of the waringin where the local people call it as the outer cross will spoil your eyes. not infrequently passing visitors trying to stop at this place and do Swafoto.

2. Port

Labuan Bajo Port / google source

Your imagination will rise when you find boats around the Port. Timeliness makes you get a comfortable situation there. You also find some people fishing.

3. Island Ground
Island Ground di Labuan Bajo / Google Resources

Island cluster neatly lined the city of Labuan Bajo even later to the Komodo Island. The cluster of islands show the romance of this city. This view can be enjoyed while relaxing in Labuan Bajo.

4. Sunset

Visitors Enjoy Sunset Labuan Bajo / Google Source
The romanticism of this city will bewitch you. It will be fun when you are with a girlfriend or family. Gathered at dusk again enjoying the sun. You will understand the miracle of the universe. You will also get the intimacy bonus with your partner.

5. Kampung Ujung Culinary

Travelers Enjoying Culinary in Kampung Ujung Labuan Bajo / Google Source

Kampung Ujung always visited by travelers. they enjoy a variety of culinary there especially Sea Food. Beach atmosphere that makes you relex while chatting with your travel companion.

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