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Wunut In Manggarai Tradition

Manggarai Traditional House Roof Roof / Google source
Wunut comes from the Manggarai language word. In the Indonesian language is usually called Ijuk. People who used to use a broom fiber must be familiar.

According to the dictionary, Wictionary Ijuk is the base of the bust of enau. Ijuk encloses almost the entire stem of the enau tree or sugar palm
In the Manggarai tradition, Flores, Ijuk is an important material in daily life. Ijuk is often used as a roof of a house, a rope and a palm fiber broom.
Rope Ijuk tie home poles / Google Resources

As a roofing material, palm fibers are neatly arranged to make rain and sunlight difficult to enter. Until now often used in traditional houses Manggarai.

The twisted axes in such a way form a strong rope. Local people usually use to tie the house poles, fences and so on.

The rope of the fibers that twisted/Source google 

Manggarai tradition there is one proverb that has a proximity to this ijuk - "Cimang neho rimang cama rimang rana, kimpur neho kiwung cama kiwung lopo." Its meaning is to be strong, stocky, tough and unyielding as the sticks of the palm fiber are hard to break

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