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Manggarai Coffee as a Friend

Never forget to drink coffee when visiting Manggarai, West Flores, NTT. The taste of the coffee is very tasty.

You can drink Arabica coffee in this area. Most of the population of Arabica coffee grows in this area. Many Manggarai coffee farmers plant this type of coffee.

Coffee beans are very small and taste sour. It's very good if taken with one type of bread that only exists in this area. Local people call it Kompiang.

In general, Manggarai people are Coffee fans. They usually drink almost more than seven cups of coffee a day. Minimum threetimes a day; at morning, afternoon and evening.

If you are a true coffee fan, don't miss Manggarai coffee. The sensitivity is very different.

Look for a beautiful atmosphere when you want to be accompanied by Manggarai coffee. Listen to some Manggarai ethnic blues songs. It really helps anyone to relax.

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