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Ria Rago One of the oldest Documentary Films from Ende

By: Willy Matrona

Eastjourney-Siti Nurbaya is an Indonesian novel written by Marah Rusli and published by Balai Pustaka Publisher. This novel tells how the dignity of women is humbled. Nurbayah was married to Datuk Maringgih, a rich but very rude man. Nurbaya's father benefited from the marriage because he could be free from debt.

This forced marriage story also happened in Flores in the film Ria Rago. A Catholic girl from Noea Nelloe Village was forced by her parents to marry Dapa Doki. He was planned to become the second wife of Doki Dapo who is Muslim.

Ria did not approve of the marriage even though the dowry was very large. He did not love him, moreover, he already had a wife. In the film, it appears that Ria Rago retained her faith even though she had to be tied up and forced to marry. He continued to pray and held tightly to the rosary on the pole where he was tied.

Ria Rago is the main character in this film. The setting of the film illustrates the atmosphere of the Ende community of the era. The film was written by the eponymous missionary from 1930 by Father Simon Buis. Father Simon Buis (1892-1960) of the Society of the Devine World (Societas Verbi Divini - SVD). He was one of the Dutch missionaries who was very famous in his day.

Flores film, edited by him from 1925 inspired many people to become missionaries. The film was taken by German cameraman Willy Rach.

In 1930 he made a new missionary film which was once again played on Flores: Ria Rago. He was assisted by Father Piet Beltjens. The full title of the film is Ria Rago, a heroine in the valley of Ndona. Life of sacrifice and death. Sacrifice of a young Christian girl.

A documentary film titled "Ria Rago" depicts the Ende consortium of the era. In the film, the community appears in their daily lives. The setting is ancient settlements. This film is based on folklore in Ndona Ende in 1923.

In the film, which aired for almost two hours, there was also the background of the monastery of the missionaries and also the hospital and orphanage. This film has no audio and is one of the oldest documentaries.


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