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Labuan Bajo A Good Destination for Travelers, Recommended for You

Easjourney-Labuan Bajo is one of the four priority super tours in Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara which has a variety of unique tourist destinations such as nature, culture and culinary tourism.  You can witness directly the life of a giant lizard species known as Komodo (Komodo Dragon) in the Komodo National Park (TNK) near from Labuan Bajo. In this area there are also beautiful beaches such as Pink Beach and Padar Island where you can watch the sunset on the hills of Padar Island. It's very beautiful nature with coral reefs and various types of marine life especially manta fish species that can be witnessed while diving. 

Meanwhile, around Labuan Bajo you can see various places that have beautiful panoramas such as Batu Batu Cave, Cunca Wulang Waterfall, Kanawa Island, Rangko Cave, Batu Cermin Cave, Seraya Island, Bukit Cinta, Cunca Rami Waterfall, Kalong Island , Bidadari Island, Manta Point, Pink Beach, Lake Sano Nggoang, Mount Mbeliling Peak, Kelor Island to Goat Island to Wae Rebo.

You can also enjoy culinary tourism, especially sea food. One of the culinary tourism centers in Labuan Bajo that you can visit is Kamping Ujung. In this place there are various types of fresh fish, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood. Interestingly the food has just come from a fishing boat. The place to present other culinary tours such as Philemon Kuah Fish, Cafe in Hit and Artomoro Blue Corner Oxtail Soup, Italian Mediterranean Food, Seafood TreeTop, Sunset & Live Music Paradise Bar to Fried Simpang Pede.

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