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Wealth Campaign of Indonesian Pluralism Values ​​to the World

EASTJOURNEY- (My Trip) Cultural-themed photo session from the Vox Populi Institute (Vox Point) in Taman Lembang, Menteng, 23/10. This theme explores the diverse country of Indonesia. Most of those involved in the photo session were Vox Point activists.

In this photo session there were a number of tribal traditional clothes worn by artists, namely Bugis, Bajawa, Javanese and Batak traditional clothing. The concept is that artists show their cultural characteristics.

"A photo session that illustrates the crew's busy schedule to expedite the shooting. These photos will be used at the 1st National Vox Point Indonesia Congress."

Raising cultural values ​​through photography is indeed a form of the spirit of nationalism. This is a modern way to introduce culture to the outside world.

Models like this also oppose outside cultures that dominate national or local cultures. As a patriot, he must continue so that cultural values ​​are not eroded by outside influences.

"Some Crews and Artists are sitting relaxed waiting session after session. There are some choosing to sit on the floor with full familiarity in the studio."
It is known, Vox Point Institute was founded on March 12, 2016 by Handyo Budhisedjati as a forum for Catholics involved in socio-political activities in Indonesia.

This institution upholds pluralism in harmony with the Pancasila Ideology. This institution is very aggressively campaigning for national values ​​not only to its cadres but also to anyone who loves Indonesia.

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