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Labuan Bajo and Likupang Candidates for the G20 Summit in 2023

Eastjourney - Labuan Bajo and Likupang are strong candidates for the G20 Summit in 2023. As the host of the G20 Summit Indonesia must provide a venue for this great agenda.

However, Chairperson of the Indonesian Tourism Intellectuals Association (ICPI) Azril Azhari explained the two destinations could not yet become an international venue for events such as the G20 Summit.

As reported by Azril said the two destinations, especially Likupang, had not yet completed infrastructure development. He added that only Bali and Jakarta were suitable places in Indonesia. The two locations meet requirements both in terms of infrastructure, the provision of accommodation and other supporting facilities.

"The suitabel place for international and large meeting events such as G20 Summit only Bali and Jakarta," Azril said, Monday (12/09/2019).

He said some notes if the grand event was still held in Labuan Bajo and Likupang. It starts from security, access, attractiveness, up to five sub-indices of tourism competitiveness, namely health & hygiene, safety & security, environmental sustainability, tourist service infrastructure and ICT readiness.

In addition, he considered G20 Summit could be event to increase tourists. Nevertheless he warned to remain vigilant of the negative impacts.

"If international guests are disappointed because the destination and human resources are not ready. The effect is that they will likely not return to the destination," he explained.

He explained the effect because these two cities were not ready yet. There are many things that are not yet available, especially destinations and human resources.

"Don't let this event make participants of the G20 Summit be very disappointed," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI), Didien Junaedy, assessed that the large agenda to be carried out by Labuan Bajo and the Likupang KEK could be a stimulus to accelerate development in the region. According to him this is a challenge to be able to build within the next three years 2020-2022.

"The hotel construction is 2 years or 20 months at the fastest. In my opinion it is good, but if it is clear the most appropriate G20 is Bali or Jakarta," Didien said.

According to him no negative impacts will occur. Instead the positive impact that occurs is that these two destinations can become a tourist magnet as long as there are efforts such as integrated promotion after the event.

"International events is only a trigger
to increase tourists. The trigger isn't for the G20 but what's next. That is where the importance of intergrated promotions to sell destinations after the event, " he said.


Indonesian Head of the Public Communication Bureau of Tourism and Culture Ministry, Guntur Sakti, said that to host the G20 Summit was indeed one of the government's priorities. He said that the location of the G20 summit took place until now the government had not yet determined.

He added, both places, both Likupang and Labuan Bajo are being considered as the hosts of the G20 Summit. However that does not mean both of them scramble to host because up to now there has not been decided the venue for the G20 Summit in 2023.

"Both destinations are super priority destinations whose development is accelerated so we believe they will be ready to become a place for world class events including the G20 Summit in 2023," said Guntur.

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