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These Various Recommendations For Those of You Who Are Planning to Traveling to Labuan Bajo


Why did you travel to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, is one of the most popular tourist destinations today. The Indonesian government has set Labuan Bajo as priority tourism or premium tourism. In the near future the government will set Labuan Bajo as a super-priority destination.

What's in here?

In this place there are various tourist rides. The most favorite place for travelers is Paradise Komodo. You will find a large lizard (Komodo dragon) in this place. These lizards live on several islands in the "Komodo National Park" area such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar and Gili Motang. You can also enjoy pink sand on the pink beach. In addition, you can also enjoy marine life, especially Manta Sting which is an endemic population. There are still many other destinations such as Mirror Stone local call it "Watu Cermin", Wae Rebo, traditional caci dance tours, agro-tourism to the culinary specialties of the Manggarai tribes.

How to go to Labuan Bajo?

You can use land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation. There are many airlines that offer local flights. Labuan Bajo Airport has international scale. The Indonesian government will designate Komodo Labuan Labuan Airport as an international airport in July this year (2020). The plan is that there will be two flights to open namely from Singapore and Australia.

How about local transportation?

You can use a travel bus or a bus that operates in the city. There are also many motorcycle taxi service offers, prices start at $ 1. If you are connected to a travel agency, they usually provide transportation to drop you off and pick you up.

How do you stay?

In Labuan Bajo offers a variety of lodging ranging from low prices too expensive. Choose accommodation that suits your budget. In addition, choose a hotel according to your convenience, whether the place makes you calm, relaxed and enjoy your vacation. You can search the internet or use an application that currently makes it easier for you. Be careful with various scams and modes.

Do you need a guide?

Caci is traditional dance of Manggarai Tradition.

If you need a guide, there offer a lot of services from the travel agency. They are people who have experience delivering guests like you. You need to make a number of deals with them such as travel routes to the price you provide. You can also claim or complain if there are problems in the service.

How about local people, Manggarai people?

They are friendly and kind people. They are very open with strangers and never bother strangers. the most important thing is you need to be friendly with them. You can also interact with them in English or you can also use a translator.

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