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Jakarta Lock Down, What You Should Do? Jakarta, Indonesia recently locked Down for the second time. The Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan suddenly announced the isolation of Jakarta due to increase in covid-19 patients.

This announcement certainly makes you angry. There are many plans in Jakarta in the near future. But, now all your plans are canceled.

Until now, Jakarta has been isolated. In fact, since the first lock down, Jakarta was closed to visitors from other countries.

This is no exception for who want to visit Jakarta. Once again, Jakarta is still under lockdown.

During the lock down, all public places such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions are closed.

There are several destination your target in Jakarta, such as Ancol Beach, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Pulau Seribu, Ragunan Zoo, etc.

Than, Spot of Megapolitan Jakarta is an interesting destination, especially when seen at night.

Jakarta culinary is very amazing, you just have to choose to enjoy culinary in restaurants or street culinary. Everything is excellent, nothing disappoints.

What Should You Do?

Ceanceled your intention of visiting this city and you have plenty of time to think again about what you can do in the future when you go to Jakarta.

also allow you to rearrange the composition of your trip. Maybe changed. You may add a route, the number of destinations visited, or the funds you will spend.

You are better off trying to protect your antibodies from the corona virus rather than thinking about traveling anywhere. Eat, drink and rest sufficiently.

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