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Watch Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) from your Youtube Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) will be held again on September 16-17 2020. Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invites the public to watch the Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) through social media.

This festival is broadcast through various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and

Dieng Culture Festival is an annual event typical of the Dieng Plateau, Central Java, which features various arts and cultures with the core of the Dieng children's dreadlocks cutting ceremony.

The uniqueness of this ritual that the haircut is carried out at the request of the child and must fulfill the request of the child to be groomed.

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy spokesperson Rizki Handayani explained that the Dieng Culture Festival is one of the leading tourist events in Central Java and is included in the Top 100 National Calendar of Events 2020 Kemenparekraf RI list.

"This event is always awaited by tourists. Kemenparekraf continues to support these activities, which this year will be held virtually. And we hope that this virtual event will still have appeal even though it must be witnessed through social media," he said, Wednesday (9/16/2020).

Chairman of the Dieng Culture Festival Committee, Alif Fauzi said the concept of holding this year's Dieng Culture Festival event is different from the previous year. Namely adjusting the standard operating procedures for handling COVID-19, by organizing it virtually.

"This year we only invited 50 participants to come to watch the event in person. This year's event is different. We have to be concerned about the COVID-19 situation which is also not finished, so the 11th Dieng Culture Festival event was held in a virtual hybrid, the target. we are the people who can watch DCF with a sense of security, "said Alif.

Furthermore, Alif explained that apart from being virtual, there were several events that were eliminated such as cultural parades, lantern flights, cultural gatherings, and activities that caused large crowds. This aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"There are some things that we do not hold, for example, we eliminate things that invite people to gather, such as lantern flights, cultural events, cultural gatherings. And evenings of jazz events above the clouds are also seen virtually," he said.

"The ritual of cutting his dreadlocks is also carried out virtually. Only inviting 50 VIP participants can watch the ritual directly," added Alif.

He added that a series of Dieng Culture Festival activities were opened on Wednesday (16/9), with several agendas, such as remarks from the Regent of Banjarnegara, traditional art performances, webinars, to jazz music performances on the clouds.

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